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Respite turns 11 and The Bakery hosts! Warm climes, friendly faces and soothing sounds return just like they have for 10 years in a row! 

show will be $5 at the door with all proceeds benefiting The Bakery. 
please do dress for the weather as this is a warehouse space and though there are space heaters within, there may be a smidge of coolness here or there. 

In alphabetical order (more to be added, just let me get around to everyone who is gonna be asked/confirmed) 

Mr. Mason Brown makes good with heady drone guitar psych and it is always DIVINE. awesome.

Christo Case
longtime staple of quality synth sound delivery (I mean, you've SEEN Samadha right? Because get into it if you have not), Case makes his Respite debut with something new and lovely, no doubt. cool.

Clan of the Cave Bat
synth and drum duo with some insular ambient tendencies, with FLUTE for this performance by Priscilla Smith. 

Gage Gilmore and Daniel Bailey (most of us know them, even more of us likes them) in a new duo project. exciting!

DJ Yoon Nam
Everyone's favorite DJ with the friendliest demeanor and the most impeccable musical tastes will spin sweet relatable sonic sundries. 

In Sonitus Lux
Serson Brannen and co (which has included a grand smattering of talented musicians with an enormous range of instrumentation), led by the mystic hang drum and always mesmerizing. yeah.

Renee Nelson and Paul Mercer
Harpist extraordinaire and all around cool person, Renee always brings a terrific atmosphere to any event she graces. Paul (Ghosts Project etc. etc.) is a mesmerizingly fluid violinist and his collaborational prowess always proves to be awesome and inspirational.

Ship at Sea
Cellist Deisha Oliver and Synthist/electro aficionado Karl Kendrick (aka BoxElder) give us some of both. Pretty stuff here! 

By Maddie Fay and Benjamin Carr

Three Way Mirror
Jeff Crompton, Yaya Brown and Brill Pritchard in a cosmic jazz outfit boasting sax, percussion and tuba! rad.

Aka Allen, George, and Aaron bring seasoned avant-improv cred and will be presenting us with an ingressional gambit of aural delight.

third eye projection prowess by a master of the form